Waterways & Dams
Maximize dam maintenance efficiency with the Menzi Muck.
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Here’s how we can help you with tree waterways & dams.
The Menzi Muck is ideal for carrying out repairs and maintenance on dams due to its ability to work on incredibly steep angles.

It can use multiple tools, allowing every stage of the project to be carried out by one machine, from drilling into rock, concrete breaking and excavating. We can also fit the machine with grab attachments, allowing it to safely move heavy weights up and down the dam, minimising the use of helicopters or cranes.

All machines are thoroughly cleaned between each job, ensuring no contamination to the waterway.

Due to its design, the spider excavators can traverse waterways and river beds with ease, allowing for the removal of debris buildup around bridge foundations. The machine can wade in water up to 2 meters, allowing for efficient river maintenance and minimising damage to critical infrastructure during a storm surge.

The Menzi Muck is the only machine fitted as standard with biodegradable lubricants, making it the perfect tool for working around water courses.

If your new hydro project involves working around steep terrain, the Menzi Muck can greatly increase the efficiency of your program of work, it is perfect for installing pipelines on steep terrain and can carry out any task that is needed.